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‘The Migraine Within’

‘The Migraine Within’ Soundscape and Sculpture Sculpture Materials: Silicone, silicone paint, human hair This piece is my subjective response to the experience of migraine, focusing on the aura aspect of the condition.  Aura… Continue reading

Painting Aura Mask #1

The hyper-realist paintwork of my latest piece portraying the unseen experience of migraine aura.

Migraine Soundscape – Auditory Aura

I’m currently concentrating on auditory aura and how disturbing it can be as an experience.  Inspired by my own experiences and the results from my migraine questionnaire I am creating a migraine soundtrack… Continue reading

Migraine Aura Survey

I’d really appreciate it if you would complete this short questionnaire on ‪migraine‬ ‪aura‬ it will help my work reflect the widest range of migraine symptoms. It will only take 5 mins of your time. Thanks!!!… Continue reading

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