The Making of ‘Maison Migraine’

The install of ‘Maison Migraine’.

No mean feat when you have chronic migraine yourself! I’m ever grateful to my install elves, I couldn’t have done it without them!

‘Maison Migraine’ by Fran Kelly

You’re invited to experience migraine like never before…
Inspired by her research and personal experience, Fran’s work is a response to the experience of migraine, focusing on the aura aspect of the condition.
Aura is a sensory disturbance which can manifest as distorted vision, auditory hallucinations, muscle weakness, and even coma.
Exploring the themes of distortion, immersive art, and phenomenology, Fran aims to re-evaluate the relationship between personal experiences and scientific understanding.
‘Maison Migraine’ is an immersive experience, that will transform you, the viewer, into a participator.
“No amount of empathy can dissolve the barrier between observation and experience” (Serpentine Gallery, 2006 p.21)

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