You’re invited…

exhibition poster

The past two years of hard work are almost at an end.  My final Master’s Degree exhibition is nearly here! It would be great to share this achievement with you, you’re more than welcome at the private view.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in my research, for inspiring and supporting me.  It has been a privilege to hear your migraine stories, all of which have inspired my work.

A special thank you to Migraine Action who’s support has been incredible.  They’re a fantastic bunch and provide amazing support and migraine education.

It has been so rewarding to have contributed to changing attitudes, particularly at the Senedd last year. Migraine is still poorly understood and surrounded by medical and cultural stigmas but we are making progress.  As Dr Peter Brooks (Cardiff) says,

“Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg!” – Constant knocking breaks the stone!

‘Maison Migraine’

Fran Kelly

You’re invited to experience migraine like never before…

Inspired by her research and personal experience, Fran’s work is a response to the experience of migraine, focusing on the aura aspect of the condition.

Aura is a sensory disturbance which can manifest as distorted vision, auditory hallucinations, muscle weakness, and even coma.

Exploring the themes of distortion, immersive art, and phenomenology, Fran aims to re-evaluate the relationship between personal experiences and scientific understanding.

‘Maison Migraine’ is an immersive experience, that will transform you, the viewer, into a participator.

“No amount of empathy can dissolve the barrier between observation and experience” (Serpentine Gallery, 2006 p.21)