Upcoming Exhibition ‘X’

ma poster

I’ve been busy preparing for an exhibition in Jacobs Gallery Cardiff.  It would be great to see you there!  Opening Event – 12th May 6-8pm.

I’ve created an immersive space entitled ‘Maison Migraine’

“Fran Kelly, (a migraine sufferer herself,) aims to externalise the unseen experience of migraine. ‘Maison Migraine’ enables the viewer to have a personal experience of visual migraine aura. (Aura includes a wide range of neurological symptoms such as sensory disturbances, loss of cognitive functions, one sided paralysis and even coma.)

Fran’s work intends to transform you, the viewer, from a spectator into a participator.

“No amount of empathy can dissolve the barrier between observation and experience”

Serpentine Gallery (2006) Hearing Voices, Seeing Things London Serpentine Gallery

jacobs gallery installation

This may look like an inviting lounge but what lies beneath? A comforting home environment can become a nightmare during a migraine attack.  Visit Jacobs Gallery Cardiff 12th May to find out more.


Discussing the installation during the Get-in on Tuesday