2015 in 500 Words

What a year its been!

I spent the first 5 months of 2015 creating my installation piece ‘The Migraine Within’.


‘The Migraine Within’ Soundscape and Sculpture Sculpture Materials: Silicone, silicone paint, human hair

I really enjoyed creating this piece.  I learnt advanced applications of silicone and discovered an amazing Silicone company who I’m still in contact with.


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One of the most gratifying aspects of the project was and still is hearing viewer’s opinions on the piece.  My work with migraine is driven by my own experience and the lack of understanding and stigma I myself have faced just like many migraine sufferers.  It is always great to hear that someone has connected with the piece and with the experience of migraine.  Some of the comments I’ve received include;

“I’m lucky to never have had a migraine.  I thought it was like a bad headache.  I had no idea migraine could affect people in this way.” via a conversation at ‘On Route’ exhibition.

“I thought Fran’s work was sheer genius. While it cannot show what we all go through because every migraine is unique, it captured the isolation and the constant bombarded of noise. It caught the loss of control of one side of my face. The viewer has to imagine lack of contact with the rest of the body. In my case, sometimes one half. The tinnitus, the not being able to speak, or hear and think over the noise are all captured. I think Fran has done a great job considering how wide our symptoms are. Thank you.”via Facebook

In September I was able to be part of huge political changes in the treatment of Migraine in Wales.  It took a lot out of me but I was determined to get migraineur’s voices heard.  We still have a long way to go but Cardiff and The Vale Health Board agreeing to introduce Botox for migraine treatment is a huge step in the right direction.

16.09.15 mh Migraine Action 67
Speaking to Assembly Member, Janice Gregory (Welsh Labour). Photo courtesy of Migraine Action

Moving on from the exhibition in May/June I started developing ideas for my next project.  I have a great interest in Phenomenology and ‘experience over observation’.  My work with migraine has experience at its core.  I believe that only when we experience something ourselves can we begin to understand it.  Currently the project is at the most exciting stage where anything is possible! It is mostly a lot of networking and researching and not much time spent in the workshop yet.  I’m really excited about how it’s coming along and I can’t wait to share updates soon.

I also have a few Prop Making builds coming up next year that I’m really excited about.

So that’s 2015 in 500(ish) words!  Here’s to 2016 and all that it brings!