‘The Migraine Within’

‘The Migraine Within’

Soundscape and Sculpture

Sculpture Materials: Silicone, silicone paint, human hair

This piece is my subjective response to the experience of migraine, focusing on the aura aspect of the condition.  Aura is a sensory disturbance which can manifest as distorted vision, auditory hallucinations, muscle weakness and even coma.

In this piece I externalise the unseen affect of both visual and audio disturbances during a migraine attack, highlighting that migraine is an attack on every sense in the body.  I explore the themes of phenomenology, distortion, anxiety and invisible illnesses. Re-evaluating the relationship between personal experiences and scientific understanding.

The soundscape will be uploaded in a future post, stay tuned!

“The whole universe of science is built upon the world as directly experienced, and if we want to subject science itself to rigorous scrutiny and arrive at a precise assessment of its meaning and scope, we must begin by reawakening the basic experience of the world of which science is the second-order expression.” (Merleau-Ponty, 1962, p. viii).

Migraine Within 1

Migraine Within 3

Migraine Within 4

Migraine Within 2