Migraine Soundscape – Auditory Aura

I’m currently concentrating on auditory aura and how disturbing it can be as an experience.  Inspired by my own experiences and the results from my migraine questionnaire I am creating a migraine soundtrack containing the most common auditory hallucinations and disturbances.  My research shows that 75% of migraineurs suffer sound disturbance during a migraine.  The most common form of auditory aura finds sufferers unable to understand someone when they are speaking to them. 34% of migraineurs questioned experienced this.  Other experiences from next most common are;

Volume changes

A normal conversations sounds like the person is shouting

High pitched noise/tinnitus


Humming noise

Hearing voices

Ticking clocks

My questionnaire is still open and if you haven’t taken it already I’d love to hear from you.  It’s very short, quicker than making a cuppa!  Click here to take it.

See below for more info on how I’m making the soundscape